The Jockey Club has released the annual statistical guide to the Thoroughbred industry in Alberta. The Fact Books are a guide to breeding, racing and auction sale statistics.

“This report has been compiled as an industry service by The Jockey Club with the intent of shedding some statistical light on the Thoroughbred industry in ALBERTA and, in particular, trends that have evolved over the past two decades. It contains sections on breeding, racing and auction sales. Statistics within the breeding section and those pertaining to racing performance by foaling year are updated on a regular basis. Statistics contained herein are provided courtesy of The Jockey Club, The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. and Equibase Company LLC. Information pertaining to stallions, mares bred and foal crops are maintained in The Jockey Club’s pedigree database and reflect information submitted to the Registry by owners and breeders throughout North America as of the date listed on the page. Information pertaining to races, purses, starters, starts and field size are maintained in the Equibase Company database as collected and reported by chartcallers at tracks throughout North America. Information pertaining to the number of weanlings, yearlings and 2-year-olds sold at auction, gross sales, average price and median price are maintained in the database of The Jockey Club Information Systems. Since 2005, Canadian purses have been converted to their equivalent amount in U.S. funds.
Many other statistics about the Thoroughbred industry can be found in The Jockey Club’s Online Fact Book. The Jockey Club is dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing and serves as the breed registry for North American Thoroughbreds.”

The Jockey Club State Fact Books


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