Dallas Birdrattler has racing in his genes. His grandparents raced horses. His dad raced horses and was a steward. And Dallas is off to a great start as a young trainer!

Dallas spent time around the barns at Rocky Mountain Turf Club growing up and went to work for Alberta Quarter Horse trainer William Leech as a summer groom when he was 12. After he finished high school he attended the Olds College Exercise Rider program and graduated from it in 2015. Since then, Dallas has been a groom, pony person, exercise rider, assistant trainer, and an outrider and had his own stable on the Alberta Community Circuit. With an impressive 15 wins, 12 seconds and 8 thirds from 60 starts, Dallas learned that he loves to work with the horses and loves being a hands-on trainer.

Dallas decided that he needed to take the next step as a horseman, and wrote the examination to be a licensed A track trainer. He wrote and passed the test last Thursday, and then attended the ATOBA/CTHS (Alberta Division) Trainer Appreciation Lunch on Friday and won the Grand Prize! The prize was a bucket of useful tack room supplies including a leather halter, bottles of Equine Extreme Liniment, a gift certificate from Randy Bailer to haul three horses from Century Mile to Century Downs in the fall, a gift certificate from Westana Equine for two weeks board and a gift certificate from Highfield Stock Farm for two weeks board. Everyone in the room was happy to see a young trainer starting out receive the Grand Prize bucket!

Dallas only has a single horse in training right now, as well as his pony horse. He joked after he won the gift certificate to haul three horses that he’ll have to buy another horse to add to the stable! Dallas purchased a filly last winter while he was at Turf Paradise, and he’s having some success with her so far in Alberta. She’s had a win at Rocky Mountain Turf Club and a second at Century Mile this spring, and his goal for this season is to get her ready for the “Paint the Park Purple” Stakes race at Evergreen Park in August.

Dallas will continue to work as a freelance exercise rider, outrider, pony person and grow his stable for himself and eventually have a couple of clients. His current pony horse is an OTTB who was in the gate in a race for Dallas one week, and working as his pony horse the next, and Dallas says that Dude is much happier taking horses to the gate than being in it himself!

Our congratulations to Dallas and we hope to see him in the winner’s circle at Century Mile soon!

We want to give special thanks to Rod Cone at Equine Extreme, Randy Bailer, Adrian Munro at Highfield Stock Farm and Bob Cramers at Westana Equine for supporting the Trainers Appreciation Lunch gift baskets!