Racing Sustainability Suggestions

Our mission continues to be to try to provide positive information for our stakeholders, assist with securing sponsorship, and hold networking events to boost morale.

During the fall of 2019, we had some informal conversations with people who are passionate about the sport of racing in Alberta, and are dedicated to seeing racing succeed. Some basic themes started to emerge including revising rules and regulations to keep up with changes from other racing jurisdictions, education for the backstretch, making our sport more professional, assisting owners with planning their investment in the sport, more attention to aftercare for horses, revising purse and bonus structures, creating more marketing to bring new owners, create more opportunities to turn casual fans into bigger bettors, adding more sponsor dollars to sustain racing.

  1. Horses – Health and Welfare, Regulatory, Aftercare
  2. People – Education, Safety, Networking
  3. Owners – Retention and Recruitment
  4. Handle, Purse, Sponsorship

We have passed the document on to board members and staff of HRA, CTHS, HBPA, and Century Mile. We look forward to helping move some of the initiatives forward in 2020.